Attn Fellow Black People

Stop trying to dictate how other black people identify.

I am black because I have the heritage, genetics, and social experience to back it up.

This is what makes me black.

Me being gay doesn’t interfere with me being black.

Me being a cisgender man doesn’t interfer with me being black.

Me being into anime doesn’t make me any less black.

Me wearing colored contacts doesn’t make me any less black.

Someone prefering not to use the n-word, or letting others use the n-words to identify them doesn’t interfere with them being black.

Just because someone doesn’t use the word “nigga” doesn’t make them whitewashed.

Just because someone finds the use the word problematic doesn’t make them whitewashed.

If a black person makes the choice not to have that word be a part of their lives, they have every right to, and their decision is backed up by hundreds of years of oppression and discrimination. 

You can reclaim the word if you want to, more power to you. 

But please don’t come out your face and questions someone’s authenticity because they don’t share your vocabulary.

It’s petty and does nothing for the betterment of our people. 

What's up? My name is Perryn, 22 years old. I am Black, Gay, Extremely Relaxed Catholic. I am exceptionally Black and Exquisitely Gay. This is space is mainly dedicated to the most random ass things that fly through my head at any moment, but every once in a while (meaning, on the regular) social justice, racism, homophobia, and all the hardcore stupid -isms and sexy buff men pop up.

The tone can change at any moment, so be prepared. I could be talking about deco-den and crafting or I could be talking about racism, homophobia and privilege.

There is a very good chance that my blog will give you your daily recommended dose of akward and/or uncomfortable.

But enough about me. How was your day sexy?

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