I wish Nakata showed as much appreciation for Perfume as he did Kyary….

I see pictures of Kyary and Nakata together all the time, but I’ve yet to see a single picture of Nakata with Perfume. 

I mean, the girls don’t even speak to him personally,they speak through his management team. 

That seems kinda douchy to me. 

These girls helped launch your career but you can’t be bothered to speak to them face to face?

You say it takes you about a day or so to create a beat so it’s not like you’re consistently pressed for time. 

Nakata seems like a bit of dick to me. 

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    He’s a weird guy in general and seems pretty to himself for the most part. I was watching something on him on YouTube...
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    Thanks for the explanation! The situation makes a ton more sense now. And that picture made me lol a bit because...
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    Writing a ton of bs here so bear with me: [[MORE]]The circumstances surrounding his work with Perfume are very different...
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