If you’re really dumb enough to think that you know your faves

simply because you listen to their music, you need a solid smack upside your head. 

Your a fan, not a friend.

Learn the difference, it’ll do you good. Being delusional ain’t cute. 

  1. saturnineaqua said: dude hardcore fans are scary as shit. which is why i avoid most jpop/rock shows to come to the U.S.
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What's up? My name is Perryn, 22 years old. I am Black, Gay, Extremely Relaxed Catholic. I am exceptionally Black and Exquisitely Gay. This is space is mainly dedicated to the most random ass things that fly through my head at any moment, but every once in a while (meaning, on the regular) social justice, racism, homophobia, and all the hardcore stupid -isms and sexy buff men pop up.

The tone can change at any moment, so be prepared. I could be talking about deco-den and crafting or I could be talking about racism, homophobia and privilege.

There is a very good chance that my blog will give you your daily recommended dose of akward and/or uncomfortable.

But enough about me. How was your day sexy?

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