Hey. Don’t just scroll past. Come back and watch this. You need it more than you know.

holy shit.

the time out of your day to watch this will not be wasted, I assure you.

Okay seriously, yall need to watch this. 

I’m reblogging this again because you gotta fucking watch it okay.

Oh my god

Holy shit this needs to be watched

Fuck that was intense

Simply amazing.

Everyone needs to watch this, I seriously cried through half of it. To every person who has felt ugly, worthless, lonely, or different and anyone who has been bullied or who has bullied another. Seriously watch this video and then reblog it for every person out there who hasn’t yet.

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    I am sobbing, this is beautiful. Please watch it
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    Shane Koyczan
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    To This Day I’ve watched this a thousand times and it’s always somehow simultaneously painful and empowering but I’ve...
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