OK, listen up. Here’ why we usually generalize “White People” when we discuss racism.

It’s actually very simple. 

 Yes, obviously it’s only a number of White People who actively engage in doing the fucked up shit that most people recognize as racism. 

But then there are the ones who just stand there and watch….

And then there are the ones who stand there and cheer….

And then there are the ones who shake their head and say “someone should do something about that!” and then walk away….

And then there are the ones who cave into peer pressure and join in….

And then there are the ones pay lip service…but are still just standing there. 

And then there are the ones who get mad at you for being hurt….

And there are the ones who laugh at you for expressing your pain….

And the ones who blame you for being hurt in the first place….

And then there are the ones who punish you for trying to stop it….

At the end of the day, so many of you have become so complacent that we hold you just as accountable as the one primarily causing the harm, and rightfully so. 

If you’re a beneficiary, you’re a perpetrator, especially if you do nothing to change.

Whether you want to admit it or not.  

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    More to the point, statements such as "Not everyone has the ability or means to act" are self-serving, excusory, and...
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    I’ve noticed that when people say this, its not so much that they don’t have the means to act, it really means that...
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    Not everyone has the ability or means to act.
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